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If you want to see what we do - take a look at our models in this promotional video.  There are just 3 corsets being shown here but we currently make over 100 different styles and shapes in a variety of colours all made to measure you perfectly.


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Here at Corsets Lingerie & Bridal UK we understand how difficult it can be to look sensational and comfortable for not only your wedding day but for all events that you may feel you want to wear a corset.

View our online shop of bridal wear and lingerie. We are based in cumbria and all of our steel boned bridal corsets are hand made here in England.

Our Corsetieres mix Victorian traditions with a modern twist and supply these English ‘made to measure’ corsets worldwide. The patterns that are used are over 125 years old and our Corsetieres were established back in 1880.

The quality of our garments is second to none, you will not find a better standard of quality item and indeed you will feel the luxury of this garment from the moment it arrives to your door. Each corset is cut from a pattern, sewn together and finished by your very own Corsetiere that takes ownership of the measurements that you give to us when you place your order.

In the past 20 years corsets and the wearing of corsets as underwear and also outerwear has made the product an elite garment. Unlike some other corset manufacturers we only supply corsets that have been manufactured here in England. We do not endorse lower quality corsets that tend to concentrate on the aesthetics of a garment as opposed to its quality and craftsmanship. This may be reflected in our prices compared to some other companies, but we want our corsets to last the duration and indeed for a very long time to come. We also do not endorse nor do we support the import of unethically manufactured garments from overseas from factories in areas such as Bangladesh, New Delhi or China. We are proud to offer pure English Traditional corsets & undergarments.

Why corsets?

Wearing a corset can transform the way you look in several ways; it pulls in your waist and gives you marvellous posture enhancing your figure. A ‘proper’ corset is completely different from a Basque or Waspie, neither of which are designed to pull in the waist. The real garment comes in two halves, laced together at the back and fastening at the front with a steel busk, with springy spirals in the lining all the way round to give that wonderful hour glass shape (whalebone has not been used for many years).
All this metal may sound cumbersome, but don't let it put you off. Our styles are light and flexible and surprisingly comfortable. Many people find the sensation of being gently held straight with the back supported almost relaxing.
Being laced into a corset can be an exquisitely sensual experience; the laces slide across your back as they are pulled gradually in from the top and bottom towards the middle and the sensation is of being embraced tighter and tighter. When you order, giving your own measurements, we select the best size for you to ensure a snug fit all over. A corset should mould itself to your body after you have worn it a few times and you can gradually lace a bit tighter if you wish.
First time wearers are usually surprised and delighted when they look in the mirror; corsets enhance any woman's body, giving not just a smaller waist, but the impression of fuller breasts and hips, giving a feeling of intense femininity.
Our range of corsets are made to look and feel beautiful, whether you are wearing it under clothes or as an outer garment. They are beautifully made to create a garment which is something special and will make you feel special too.

We hope that you enjoy looking through our range and also would appreciate any feedback or ideas. We are always open to ideas from new British Designers and hope that you would get in touch with us if you feel your garments would sit well with our own luxury range.