Best Selling Bridal Wedding Corset

Our BEST SELLING Bridal Corset 'shape is shown here.  Of course it is shown on our model Chanelle in Candy Pink with a white stripe. But we sell hundreds of these in just simple IVORY or White.  Take a look through the pictures below.  They are all the same corset just shown in different colours and on different models. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.

Our best selling bridal corset not only available in plain ivory white or black but you can also purchase this wedding corset in lots of different colours from bright red, royal blue, deep purple, soft peach, vintage gold and candy pink.  The corset gives you a brilliant cleavage and stunning uplift to your bust.  You can loose up to 4" around your waist.  All of our corsets are steel boned and lined with cotton for your comfort.  You can attach suspenders too if you wish.


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We may have given all of our corsets different names deending upon the colour and the model thats wearing it, however the above styles / shapes are all the exact same from the same pattern.  This pattern suits the heavier busted lady and the smaller busted lady.  They are all made to measeure and are available in bridal white and ivory amongst our other colours.


Exquisite Steel Boned Bridal Corsets, Basques and Waist Cinchers
Steel Boned & Made to your exact measurements.
Also available in other colours, shapes and styles to suit you.

  DSC8814 00000113

Shown above in Pink, white and red the actual design of this corset is called :  Kathryn - Bridal Corset Ivory White


Since this listing we have had a new photoshoot - and that is why you see Kathryn in lots of different colours and also with stripes. 



Over Bust Custom Made Corset.
This is our Best selling bridal corset.
This corset will give you stunning uplift and a sensational waist leaving a lovely smooth line under your dress.
This design lifts and supports your bust as you can see from our model and gives you the figure that you have always dreamed of having.
This particular style suits a wide range of figures from the smaller busted to the larger busted lady.
Steel boned and the rear should be low enough for most wedding dresses.
The back tends to sit where your normal bra strap would sit (you can see the reflection in the mirror).
You may attach suspenders if you like, just let us know when you order from this page - normally delivery time is 4 days from day of order (a few days longer at busy times).
This style corset is quite lightweight and can pull your waist in by up to 4 inches.
You will love the shape this corset achieves.
Shown below in white Coutil stiff ribbed cotton. Model also wears our Frou Frou Briefs - Take a look in our vintage Lingerie section

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