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Bridal corsetry and wedding corsetry for your wedding day. Steel boned ivory and white corsets in a range of colours and styles to suit your figure. Loose up to 4 inches " from your waist in a corset on your wedding day. Beautiful, sophisticated corsets for your wedding day. These not only look stunning on the hanger they'll also help give you the figure you've always wanted.

 DSC3824 00000214x

               Libby Ivory Basque                            Diane Waist Cincher Corset                   Bonnie Waist Cincher Corset

We know that your wedding day has got to be the most special and remembered day of your life.

It is the opportunity for the bride 'YOU' to really stand out from the crowd and to wear something next to your skin so sensual, sexy and romantic.

Well, you will definately feel like a million dollars when we have finished with you, if not a Bond Girl, then we are pretty darn close !!

 DSC4826 00000180

                                            Kelly Over Bust Corset                                   Diane Ivory Bridal Waist Corset Cincher

Our over the bust corsets and under bust waist cinchers as shown above will make your bridal experience as exciting and pleasurable as possible and therefore we aim to make this as easy for you as possible. Let us do all the hard work, and 'WOW' can you believe it, we are based in England.  you could not get any more traditional than this !

 DSC4289 00000333xx

                                 Kelly Overbust Corsets - chown here in ivory with black stripe and lace

 We will help you to realise your dreams and become that perfect fairy tail bride that you have always dreamt of with a plunging cleavage, uplifting bosoms and a to 'die for' cinched waist. If you have any questions regarding your shape / size / cost then please do not hesitate to contact us through our site - or visit us on Facebook.

ivory bridal wedding corset overbust cleavage sexy

 DSC4626 00000317x

                                           Bonnie Underbust Ribbed Coutil Bridal Waist Cincher


Any of our made to measure corsets, waist cinchers and basques are all made with steel bones. They accentuate your bust, hips & waist. This have proved important under today's traditional style wedding dresses where many already come with a fitted bodice. All of our corsets can also be worn as an outer wear garment so you will definitely get your wear from them after your special day!  Our models loved wearing our corsets so much for our photo shoots, they were comfortable in them all day, perhaps a little loosening around lunch time. They all commented on how their postures had improved and how dramatic their figures looked.

 DSC2941 00000058

                                         Rayne Overbust Candy Pink Corset with white stripes
Ivory, nude and white are not for everyone.  Perhaps you would like to invest in something that you would like to wear again and again.  Not just for one day.  Phew...... your wedding dress was the biggest expense that will later sit in your wardrobe gathering dust.  Our model above (Chanelle) loves this candy pink stripe corset (also available in many more colours) as well as the ivory nude and whites.  You can still feel bridal even though your underwear is not traditionally 'neutral'.  Anyway...... who wants boring white bra and knickers.. Come on ladies, this is a special moment to feel special about yourself and your body.

For brides that want something out of the ordinary, a corset can be worn on its own with a skirt or even trousers and jeans for a stunning and unconventional look, and the back lacing will give the congregation and/or guests something to look at besides the back of your head during the ceremony.

 DSC3842 00000232x

Bonnie Waist Cincher Corset      Libby Ivory Basque         Diane Waist Cincher Corset          & Kathryn Overbust Ivory Corset       


Our 4 Bond girls above - imagine this being your 4 bridesmaids - Oh what a day and a perfect gift for them by way of saying thank you for being your special friends.
We want to make YOU feel, and look, amazing on your special day. At we know how important it is to look and feel beautiful on your wedding day both on the outside and on the inside. Our experienced staff are always ready to help with any questions that you may have regarding the fit / style / colour and size of our bespoke tailor made wedding corsets and authentic tight lacing corset for women. Beautifully handcrafted corsets. 

 DSC3915 00000305

                                         Rachel - Overbust White and black striped corset steel boned

We have styles from traditional, back lacing, steel 'boned' corsets from Victorian / Edwardian classics to modern waist cinchers.

Our vast range is designed to make women feel beautiful and individual.

Geeky Stuff : (Beware of imitations and fake cheap corsets) They may look nice for 5 minutes but believe us - they are not worth the time or effort making never mind buying.  Invest in yourself......... !! 

A REAL & PROPER corset is completely different from a basque or waspie, neither of which are designed to pull in the waist. The real thing comes in two halves, laced together at the back and fastening at the front with a steel busk, with springy spirals in the lining all the way round to give that wonderful hour glass shape (whalebone has not been used for many years).

 DSC3955 00000001x
                                                    Bonnie Waist Cincher Corset 

All this metal may sound cumbersome, but don't let it put you off. Today's styles are light and flexible and surprisingly comfortable. Many people find the sensation of being gently held straight with the back supported almost relaxing. Like I stated previously all our models loved getting dressed up and especially felt so glamorous !

 DSC3969 00000015x

                                                              Diane Waist Cincher Corset

 Being laced into a corset can be an exquisitely sensual experience; the laces slide across your back as they are pulled gradually in from the top and bottom towards the middle, and the sensation is of being embraced tighter and tighter. You don't have to pull in to a Scarlet O'Hara 18 inches - you may be content with the corset just hugging you or you can lace down to an iron grip.

When you order, giving your own measurements, we select the best size for you to ensure a snug fit all over. A corset should mould itself to your body after you have worn it a few times and you can gradually lace a bit tighter if you wish.

 DSC4063 00000108xx

                                                              Kelly Overbust corset

First time wearers are usually surprised and delighted when they look in the mirror; corsets enhance any woman's body, giving not just a smaller waist, but the impression of fuller breasts and hips, giving a feeling of intense femininity.

 DSC4462 00000154x

                                                  Claudia Underbust waist cincher corset belt

A corset is made to look and feel beautiful, whether you are wearing it under clothes or as an outer garment.

 DSC4554 00000245xx

                                               Diane - Underbust bridal waist cincher corset steel boned


Take a look at our bridal section or click on any of the images above or below, offering a range of styles, colours and fit to suit ALL figures.

 DSC4796 00000150x

                                                                                  Kelly Overbust corset


So if you want us to transform you and your bridesmaids into Bond Girls for the day - then Visit our online shop and feel free to ask us as many questions as you like.  We aim to reply within the same business day...................... unless we are super busy making corsets that is!! ONLINE SHOP