Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked Questions

How do I choose the correct size of corset?
Fitting a corset is a matter for experts, choosing a corset depends upon your body shape and indeed what you are wanting to wear it for. When you choose a corset that you think you would like, we ask you for many measurements including your bust, waist and hip measurements. Once we have these we can get underway with having your chosen garment made for you.  If we think that you have chosen a style that will not suit your shape then we will contact you to give you a suitable alternative.

Please give your ‘actual’ measurements (not the desired ones)

We do not sell ‘off the peg’ corsets in specific sizes we actually have the corsets and other garments made to the actual measurements that you give us. Depending upon your size will allow us to decide what size pattern to cut for the fabric. We then assess the correct size, taking into account your figure and the style of corset chosen. Usually a corset approximately 4 inches/10 cm. Smaller than your natural waist size will be made and sent to you.

Does wearing a corset hurt?
No, as long as you wear it properly it actually feels very pleasant. A real corset (not a plastic boned corset) supports you and compresses you evenly all around. It should NEVER hurtA correctly fitted corset should fit snugly all over, without being uncomfortably tight. If you wish to reduce your waist, lace your corset slightly tighter each time you wear it. If you are wanting to use your corset for waist training you must let us know this at the time of ordering as this will affect the size of the corset that we make for you.

How should I care for my corset?
A corset will last a long time, provided it is properly cared for; ensure your corset is not too small for you, do not overtighten (unless used for waist training) and have it professionally dry cleaned. Leather corsets should only be cleaned by a leather specialist. If you wear your corset on a regular basis, it is a good idea to put something underneath, such as a t shirt, vest or camisole, which will protect the corset and save on frequent dry cleaning.

Will I require help putting my corset on?
It is easier with someone to help, but perfectly possible to do it on your own. See corset instructions.


Are the suspenders detachable?
All the suspenders you see on the corsets on the website are permanently attached and are not detachable. However, we are able to offer detachable narrow (18mm wide) suspenders as a special request on most styles, please make your selection on the corset pages. We cannot offer our wide (28mm wide) suspenders as a detachable option.


Can I have extra suspenders added?
Yes, to all styles please order them on the product page.


Is whalebone still used in making corsets?
Whalebone has not been used for many years. Nowadays steel spiral boning is used to stiffen corsets.

Can I contact you?
Please contact us HERE and we can call you back at a convienient time. Please specify a good time including your email address or telephone number.

How soon after ordering will my corset be sent?
Most orders are dispatched within 7 days receipt. If your corset requires more attention this may delay matters for a couple more days. Most customers recieve their orders within 7 days to the UK. It may take a little bit longer to send worldwide. You should also be aware that your own country's customs may impose import duty.


Do you make larger sizes and what are the largest measurements a corset will fit?
Please see the plus size section where the largest sizes are 34 inches when fully closed and can be suitable for a natural waist of 40 inches.

I do not have a credit card, how else can I pay?
UK customers can pay by cheque or postal order, made payable to ‘Vanilla’ as this is our trading name.  We thought Corsets Lingerie & Bridal UK was a bit too long winded for our business cheques.   Your order will not be dispatched until the cheque has fully cleared our account, which could take between 7 to 10 days.

I do not want to give my card details over the internet, what should I do?
Contact us on the email address and specify a good time for us to contact you. One of our sales team will phone you at a suitable time and can take payment from you over the phone.


I’m about to place my order – what should I expect?

Once you have placed the order, just sit back, relax and wait for the post man to knock on your door. All our garments are sent to you registered post with a tracking number. Your custom hand made corset, waist cincher or other item will be completed within 7 days! You should receive a confirmation email regarding your order and have already agreed to the terms and conditions on our payment page.


I’m trying to loose weight for my wedding day, when should I order my corset?

One of the reasons it is recommended that there be a gap down center back is to take into account possible weight fluctuations. This will allow you to wear the corset a little more closed at the back as you start to lose weight. Any significant weight loss however, may be cause to treat yourself to a new corset! Since corsets are made to measure items, you will never have as perfect of a fit if your body size changes significantly. If you are dieting especially for your wedding day or other special event it is always best to have the corset fitted to you and with you at your final dress fitting. This will allow your dress maker to make any final alterations to your dress and will also take into consideration any significant weight loss prior to the day.

I love the corsets but I wondered can I choose my own colours to mix and match?

This is completely possible. If you see a corset or waist cincher but you can not see the colour that you would like it in, or indeed if you would like lace trims and frills added to it, please email us and let us know. We will be happy to have your bespoke garment made just for you.