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Total Warrior 10Km 2nd Aug 2014 Models & Mud and Mayhem

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Registered Charity Number : 1150456

Give Us A Break Charity

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10 Km Saturday 2nd Aug 2014

Give us a Break’ launched by formed by Dawn Raynor in 2010 - (You will remember CFM helped out with a radio campaign) last year in response to the story of a West Cumbrian family, the Raynor family, who have severely disabled teenage twins.

The twin boys, Callan and Ethan, have tuberous sclerosis which means they have uncontrolled epilepsy, suffering up to 20 seizures a day. These fits can happen anytime and anywhere – in bed, in the house, at school or in the street.

Dad Peter and mum Dawn have to care for their sons around the clock, with virtually no respite care available locally. The pressure and strain that places on the family is hard to comprehend, and the appeal hopes to raise enough money to build (& maintain) a state of the art centre which will serve not only Peter and Dawn, but lots of other families across West Cumbria.

Ladies & Gents - I have chosen this charity to raise money for it, not only to support the build but also to help 'maintain' it for future use.

I hope that you agree it is a worthwhile charity where every penny of every amount of blood sweat and tears that we give on the day will go to help this family and others within our home towns of Cumbria.

Come on guys, lets 'Give' Dawn and her family a 'Break'!


To read more about Dawn and her story click HERE